The Solidarity Express is an all-star multi-cultural group of musicians who have gathered together to convey a positive energy and musical message of reconciliation, harmony, goodwill, hope and unity to a world in desperate need of healing. This vibrant multi-genre’d offering focuses on collaborations with like-minded artists across the globe.

Dan’s passion for the music from Italy’s partisan resistance, South Africa’s freedom songs and the Cuban revolution led him to conceptualise and co-produce the triple album ‘Songs That Made Us Free – South Africa / Italy / Cuba’ with 142 artists from 18 different countries representing their independent journeys to liberation with the main musical focus being on South Africa, Italy and Cuba. In 2019, the group embarked on a highly successful tour of Italy.

This exciting documentary series and album in the pipeline features Dan in a co-executive producer role with acclaimed lecturer, historian, musician and producer Dan Roberts. The series  traces Afrikaans speaking outlaws and their stories from the colonization of the Cape through to the present search for an Afrikaner identity.

The South African Australian Connection – Songs of Survival

This work in progress brings singers, songwriters and musicians together in a cross-cultural collaboration of original songs. At the heart of the project lie two of the oldest continuous cultures on earth: the Khoisan of Southern Africa and the Australian Aborigine. Co-produced together with Dan Roberts and Colin Offord (Australia), the album and documentary includes Kev Carmody, Jingki Ngombol aka Kerrianne Cox, Matthew Doyle & Emily Wurramurra from Australia and Pops Mohamed, the iGubi Family, Ann Masina and others from South Africa.